5 Things to know about the Nissan Pathfinder

5 Things to know about the Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder is quite a big investment and everybody can’t afford to buy this expensive car. Therefore, it’s worth conducting proper research before you make a decision of buying Nissan Pathfinder.


We recently visited the Dandenong Nissan Dealership to figure out the details one should know about Nissan Pathfinder before making a decision. And we’ve got to learn many interesting things about this car. We’re going to discuss this information in this article and we’re sure that you’d definitely love this information.


We don’t feel the need of talking about Nissan as it’s a renowned brand and everybody knows the quality they offer. So, let’s focus on things one should know about Nissan Pathfinder before making a purchase.


Sleeker Body Style

nissan pathfinder

The body style of this outstanding car has made it popular all over the world. In fact, we can say it has become a romance of young drivers because of its sleek and stylish look. The manufacturers have made multiple changes in the latest model and it has now become absolutely amazing. For example, the new model comes with re-shaped front headlights a honeycomb mesh grille. Similarly, if you take a look at the bumper, you’d find that it has now turned into the slight V-shape.


A new Steering Rack


Nissan has focused on improving your experience on the road by making some changes to the steering rack. For example, they’ve now installed the new springs in the front of the vehicle and they’ve also improved the shocks of back wheels. As a result, the users can enjoy better handling and performance of the vehicle.


Enhanced Technological Features


The addition of some advanced technology features has also proved to be a big game changer. For example, they’ve improved the air conditioning system, updated the sound system, and installed new software for infotainment program. So, these new features have ultimately improved the overall value of the vehicle.


Child Safety Sensor

nissan pathfinder

The child safety sensors will start beeping if a child enters the car mistakenly. As a result, the kids won’t get locked in the car and they will also stay safe from different issues.


More powerful engine


Here comes the most important part that grabs the attention of young drivers. The company has now improved the power of engine due to which it can now generate 284 horsepower with the 3.5 liter. So, it’s quite an attractive option for young drivers. And we’d strongly recommend this vehicle for drivers that want to stay engaged in different car racing activities.

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