How to use swim nappies the right way?

How to use swim nappies the right way?

How to use swim nappies the right way?There are so many swim nappies out there, in this day and age you have so many different brands to choose from. But how do you know which is the right one for you and your bub? You need to think about various elements that make a swim nappy not only cost-effective but also easy to clean with less mess. These are of course of the utmost importance when taking your little one out swimming whether it is at the beach or by the pool. Here we will look at how to properly use your swim nappies and what you should look out for when buying your baby’s first swim nappies.


The best and most cost-effective swim nappies are of course those that are reusable! In comparison to their disposable counterparts, these are also eco-friendly and help to cut the impact on both your wallet and the environment. At tyoub swimwear, we have designed the perfect swim nappy for all children!


These baby swim nappies can be used without any other kind of disposable nappy or padding required. The fact that they are completely self-sufficient as a swim nappy makes them not only sustainable but also cheaper than all other disposable alternatives. Simply pop it on your toddler and they are ready to start making a splash. The best way to use these nappies for the best result is to put them on when they are ready to go in the water and remove if needed, or when you are ready to head home for the day. The best thing about the tyoub products is that they can not only be used for their primary purpose but also as an effective training pant when your little ones are ready to take the next step towards toilet training.

They come with a reusable bag that can hang on the handle of any pram for quick access if they need to be changed in a hurry or used on the go. They are significantly water-resistant but also absorbent, so they serve their purpose as a nappy and also as a piece of swimwear for your toddler on the go. As opposed to the disposable swim nappies, they are much more resilient and can handle a long day at the beach or a well-earned swim in the pools while your child is learning to swim, keeping them dry and comfortable the entire time.


So, no matter your needs and the needs of your little one, tyoub has you covered. Keep your kids fresh and ready to go with the ultimate swim nappy for your bub and have them enjoying the water and their new and improved swim nappy!

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