Top 5 wooden retro clock designs

Top 5 wooden retro clock designs

No matter how far technology has come, the importance of wall clocks can never be underestimated. If you think innovative technologies can reduce the importance of wall clocks, you’re probably mistaken. The wall clocks have become an essential part of our home and we feel incomplete when we don’t have a wall clock in the room. The new designs and shapes are continuously beating the industry.


But the impact you can make with the wooden retro clock can hardly be found elsewhere. There are several unique designs you can add to your home. According to our research, the Tick Tock Clocks wooden range is the best option for those who want to make an attractive addition to their home. These clocks come at pocket-friendly rates and they can add a sparkling touch to your home. Let’s dive into the details of the top 5 wooden retro clock designs you can use for your home.


Black Frame Wooden Clock


This wall clock comes with a black round frame that is made of strong plastic. The inner part of the clock is made of acrylic wood that adds a unique texture to your home. This wall clock is recommended for the living room as it has a contrast of light and energetic colors.


est1863 Old Town Clock


This clock consists of an old and traditional design that was common in the early 90s. You can add this clock to your living room to enjoy that old and traditional look again. This antique-style clock has such an incredible look that everyone will appreciate your choice after taking a look at it.


Luxury Large Retro Art Clock

Top 5 wooden retro clock designs

This clock is a unique piece of art for art lovers. At first glance, it looks like a steel clock but the fact is that it’s purely made of wood. The designer has added different machine-related tools to bring a unique look to your home.


Rustic Country Tuscan Style Wood


The rustic country design is supposed to add a marvelous look to your home. The numbers are written in a unique format and the interesting thing about this clock is that it has wooden needles as well. This antique-style clock can add a unique touch of beauty to your room.


Split Layer Wooden Wall Clock


It won’t be an exaggeration if we that the split layer clock is the best design available on our list. The design has added different layers of wood to add a stylish look to the clock. The combination of black and light brown color adds an incredible look to your room.

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