How Companies can Hire Overseas Employees in Perth?

How Companies can Hire Overseas Employees in Perth?

How Companies can Hire Overseas Employees in Perth

The companies are often in search of skilled employees that can accommodate their business needs at their desired rates. But some companies in Perth are facing problems in finding skilled employees for their businesses. Therefore, the government allows them to hire overseas employees so they may continue running their business without any hassle.


The problem is that many business owners don’t have any idea of how they can hire an overseas employee for their company. And they often end up wasting a lot of time and money on this process. That’s why many companies are unable to expand their business in Perth. We’ve realized the problems the business owners are facing. Therefore, we’ve decided to share the important information you can use to hire an overseas employee. So, let’s take a look at the process you need to follow if you want to hire an overseas employee in Perth.


Check the Details of Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

How Companies can Hire Overseas Employees in Perth

The local government has introduced the 482 temporary skill shortage visa Perth for the organizations that are facing problems in finding the right employees locally. This visa covers only a few categories. Therefore, you must conduct some research to find out if your desired candidate falls in this category or not. If it covers the skills you’re looking for, you’re good to go.


Submit information about the Job opening


Once you’ve found your required skill in the category, you can submit the information about the job opening to the relevant authorities. The officials will go through the information to make sure if it meets their criteria or not. After approving your request, they will post the information on relevant platforms. The candidates will then use this information to contact you.


Interview Time

How Companies can Hire Overseas Employees in Perth

You must set a time for interviewing the candidates via skype or any other tool. You need to ask a number of questions to find out if the candidate will meet your requirements or not. Once you’ve found your desired candidate you can ask them to provide you with the information you need to send them a letter of sponsorship.


Applying for visa


You must mention the job post and the duration of the job in the letter of sponsorship. And don’t forget to share the financial details of your business. The visa officer will use this information to decide if you’re eligible to hire an overseas employee or not. After making the evaluation, the visa officer will approve the visa of the applicant.

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